PSPO Extensions planned for Ashfield

Wednesday 13 June 2018 PSPO Extensions planned for Ashfield


Cabinet has given approval to authorise the necessary consultation and notification for the extension and variation of the existing Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which allows the Council to take preventative and enforcement action in public places. 

The recommendation seeks to extend the Order, which expires on 30 September 2018, for a further three years. This will enable the Council to continue to take preventative or enforcement action in public places on a number of issues including alcohol consumption in a designated area, dog fouling in specified areas, failing to produce a device or other means or removing dog faeces on demand and dog exclusion in specified areas.

The renewal of the existing PSPO also allows for variation, allowing the Council to add a new prohibition to the Order.  Based on evidence from Council Officers and partners ‘direction to move on’ is being recommended as an inclusion to this PSPO. This would enable Ashfield District Council to take preventive or enforcement action with individuals engaging in anti-social behaviour who fail to move on when asked to do so, resulting in a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued. 

Approval to carry out evidence gathering, with the aim to authorise an extension the existing Car Cruising PSPO, has also been sought. Currently the Car Cruising PSPO covers an area around Junction 27 of the M1, the extension would allow the Order to be extended to other areas of the district.

Cllr Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council says “It is vital that Ashfield District Council continues to have the power to take action on anti social behaviour issues such as dog fouling, littering and public alcohol consumption. The extension will ensure that officers can continue to issue fixed penalty notices and take enforcement action with those who perpetrate.

The Order is being extended so that dog fouling can be enforced across the entire district and the addition of ‘direction to move on’ will help disperse groups and individuals engaging in anti social behaviour. Following the success of the car cruising PSPO at Junc 27 the Council are also looking to extend this further. These orders show that the new administration are working on a zero tolerance attack on anti social behaviour, and committed to improving anti social activity across the district.”

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Consultation will run between 15th June and 14th July.