Summit Big in Ashfield

Wednesday 30 October 2019 Summit Big in Ashfield


Construction on Summit Park in Sutton in Ashfield is currently underway. A 1,750,000 square foot distribution centre is being built on the site as part of a major development.

The development, funded by a major institutional investor is possibly the largest ever single investment in the Ashfield area and in the region as a whole. Bringing 1,800 good quality new jobs in a variety of roles, plans also include a bus route and onsite bus station that will ensure jobs are accessible to all.

The site, located off the Mansfield and Ashfield Regeneration Route (MARR) has stood empty for almost ten years waiting for a requirement of this size to come along. The site was originally infrastructured to attract a business of this size, and through the hard work of all involved, the secured occupier will bring real benefits to the district.

Speculation still surrounds who the occupier is. An announcement will be made by them when recruitment begins, but until then we will all be kept guessing. The building is being constructed by Bowmer + Kirkland and the estimated completion date for the building is September 2020.

Cllr Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council said “It’s so exciting to see the development starting to come together. Visiting the site gives you the realisation of just how large in size the distribution centre is. This is the biggest single private sector investment in the district for quite some time, maybe ever.  It is great to see that a large organisation wants to bring part of its distribution network to the district and that a major UK institution is prepared to fund such a development in our area.

“We will work with the developers and the DWP to ensure that Ashfield residents are the first in line for the employment opportunities available.”