Sutton Spice Dealers Evicted

Wednesday 17 October 2018 Sutton Spice Dealers Evicted


Ashfield District Council’s action to get tougher on crime continues. The Council has been successful in two cases to evict known drug dealers from their Sutton homes.

Tony Clark of 1 Stoneyford Court, Sutton in Ashfield was ordered to give up possession of the property and pay fixed costs of £355 at Mansfield County Court on 30 August 2018.

Following complaints and investigation, a Community Protection Warning was issued but despite the best efforts of Ashfield District Council Officers to provide access to support, Mr Clark’s behaviour did not improve.

It also became apparent that Mr Clark dealt Spice, otherwise known as Mamba, in Sutton Town Centre. Due to the issues he caused within Sutton and the action taken to exclude him from the town centre his behaviour moved back to his home address, impacting negatively on neighbours.

The second property, on Jephson Road, Sutton, saw the tenants evicted for drug dealing, including Spice.

In both instances, after putting the Council’s case forward and hearing the Defendant’s case, the Judge granted an order for possession of the properties.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, Leader of the Council, who attended one of the evictions said: “This is yet another example of our Council getting tough on drug dealing.  Problems caused by drugs like Spice are causing significant problems in and around Sutton Town Centre. We will certainly not provide much sought after accommodation for drug dealers!

“These evictions demonstrate the action we are taking to curb this type of behaviour in our town centres. We will take action against these people, and these evictions are a vital step to reducing the anti-social behaviour in Sutton town centre and improving the lives for other residents at Stoneyford Court and Jephson Road.

“I would like to praise the excellent work of our officers who made every effort to work with the tenants, but a failure to comply meant prosecution was the only option.  This action shows that this Council is committed to ridding our town centres of drug dealers.  It sends a clear message to any other drug dealers living in our properties.  If you deal, we are coming after you!”

Ashfield District Council currently have other eviction cases pending in the courts, and the Community Protection Team is continuing its collaborative work with Nottinghamshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood team tackle anti-social behaviour in Sutton Town centre and across Ashfield to make the district a safer place to live, work and shop.