Swans Nest Set on Fire

Monday 6 April 2020 Swans Nest Set on Fire


This weekend we received reports that the reeds the swans are nesting in at The Lawn pond, Sutton Lawn were set on fire. We believe this was a deliberate attempt to harm the swans.

The Environment team do everything they can to protect the swans, particularly during nesting season. This behaviour will not be tolerated and the Police have been informed.

Councillor Samantha Deakin, Councillor for Central and New Cross said, 

“To hear that there has been a suspected, deliberate attempt to harm the swans is devastating news - especially given the current climate.  We are proud of the swans at The Lawn pond and I’m quite frankly disgusted that this has happened.

“We have informed the Police who will be stepping up patrols and our Environment Team are working to make sure the swans are safe.  I’d like to repeat that our parks are open for a daily exercise for those living close by.  We won’t hesitate to take action against those abusing this.”

Sutton Lawn remains open for those living close by to take their daily exercise.