Ten Thousand handed out to Vital Community Groups

Friday 25 October 2019 Ten Thousand handed out to Vital Community Groups


Community groups from across Ashfield have received cheques which total almost £10,000 in grant funding.

The Ashfield Community Fund supports people in Ashfield by providing grants to groups who work to directly benefit communities in the District.

Nottinghamshire Community Foundation has supported and managed the applications for the second year running, supporting groups, co-ordinating the information required and organising the 2019 Grants Panel.

A total of £9,970 has been awarded to 17 groups, varying from craft groups and community projects in churches to a theatre group and community centres.

One recipient is the Acacia Centre who received £400 to fund their Acacia Homework Club project. They aim to use the grant to hire a tutor to help the club with Maths and Science as well as providing access to computers, internet and printing.

Underwood Craft Group also received a grant of £250 towards their rent and insurance. The group brings together elderly residents in the community with an interest in arts and crafts

Councillor Tom Hollis, Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council and Portfolio Holder for Health and Leisure, said: “Days like today make me very happy as without groups such as these, our communities would not be as strong as they are. It makes me very proud of Ashfield and the people who put in so much of their own time for these projects.

“We will continue to support the voluntary sector in whatever way we can, especially financially as small amounts can go a long way in making a difference.”

Nina Dauban, CEO of Nottinghamshire Community Foundation, said; “It is a pleasure to support Ashfield community groups and work with the Council to give the maximum benefit we can. Those who give their time supporting others in their local communities deserve both recognition and a contribution towards their costs.”