The Big Freeze to Hit Ashfield

Friday 8 February 2019 The Big Freeze to Hit Ashfield


Council Tax will be frozen for 2019/20 if Cabinet approves the recommendations in the Councils budget report being considered on by Cabinet on 18th February at Ashfield District Council.

The recommendation which also needs approval from full Council in March before coming into effect would see the District Council’s portion of the Council Tax frozen for the first time in a number of years.

Local Government has seen unprecedented cuts to the level of funding from central Government since 2010 and this will continue into 2019/20 and beyond.

Despite these significant cuts in funding Ashfield District Council has a proven track record of setting its annual budget and delivering services within the budget set. Through savings, efficiencies and income generation Ashfield District Council is able to propose a freeze its Council Tax for the next 12 months.

Coun Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council said “We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer this Council Tax freeze to the residents of Ashfield. Since we took over the administration of the Council last spring, we have been determined to freeze the district council’s portion of the Council Tax for this year.

“We have worked extra hard to ensure no cuts to services or staffing. We have increased services for our residents including the Spring Clean, investments in play areas and our Community Protection Officers. We are delivering this through smart savings and with no additional pressure on Council services, including not reducing the Council’s general reserve.”