Threat Level Reduced to Severe

Tuesday 30 May 2017 Threat Level Reduced to Severe


Although the current threat level to the UK has now been reduced to severe, the chance of an attack is still highly likely. There is no intelligence to suggest that there is a specific current threat in Nottinghamshire. Ashfield District Council is working closely with other agencies across the county and is doing everything it can to help protect the security of residents.

Across Nottinghamshire, agencies, including Ashfield District Council, regularly plan for major incidents to test procedures and ensure an effective response in the event of an emergency.

There will be an additional policing presence across Nottinghamshire over the next few weeks to help reassure residents.

Despite the reduction in threat level, we urge residents to remain alert and vigilant but not alarmed. Any suspicious activity or anything that is causing you concern should be reported to the Police.  To help you establish if something is suspicious you can apply the HOT protocol - Hidden? Obviously Suspicious? Typical?  Full information can be found here.