Warning - Fly Tippers we are coming for you

Tuesday 20 November 2018 Warning - Fly Tippers we are coming for you


Ashfield District Council is continuing their fight against the fly-tippers who blight the District. 

They have issued a warning to those who continue to fly tip that ‘…we are coming for you!”  A new Pin Hole camera will be deployed at fly tipping hot spots across the district and will allow the Council to catch and prosecute fly tippers.

This new measure is just part of the work the Council is carrying out to reduce fly tipping in the district, and will enable us to increase the number of successful prosecutions against fly tippers.

Ashfield District Council are working closely with ‘Cleaner Notts’, a multi-agency initiative including district councils, Police, the Highways Agency and Notts County Council to ensure all agencies are working to one clear aim – a cleaner Ashfield District.

The Council has restricted access to well know fly tipping sites using ‘Bunds’ which are large piles of earth and will be reintroducing sting operations which have proved successful in catching illegal waste carriers.  

Cllr Christian Chapman, Cabinet Member for Crime Prevention and Community Safety said, “One of the biggest complaints we receive is about anti-social fly-tipping.  Fly-tippers beware – we are coming for you!

“A resident in Kirkby recently found that out after being fined for obstructing an investigation.  We take fly tipping extremely seriously.  The introduction of a new Pin Camera is a warning to anybody who thinks it is acceptable to dump their waste within Ashfield.  

“Fly tippling is a blight on our landscape and we will not tolerate people dumping their waste and thinking they can get away with it.

“We have, and will prosecute residents and illegal waste carriers who think this ok to behave this way. It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that their waste is being disposed of legally, and if you are using a waste carrier make sure you check their paperwork, or you could end up being the one prosecuted.”

For advice on scrap dealers, waste carries or disposing of your waste please contact 0800 183 8484 #crimenottocare #wearecomingforyou