What is fraud?

Benefit Fraud occurs where a Claimant, Landlord or Third party knowingly or dishonestly provides information that they know to be false when they claim benefits, or they knowingly or dishonestly fail to notify changes in their circumstances that will affect entitlement to the support they are receiving.

The main ways that people commit Benefit Fraud are by making a false statement(s) on their Benefit claim form or by failing to report a change in their circumstances promptly.

By doing either or both of these, they may be committing a criminal offence under Social Security Legislation or other legislation such as the Fraud Act 2006.

Everyone who pays Income Tax or Council Tax is a victim and is being cheated out of other essential services by the greed of those who are not in genuine need.  This type of Fraud costs the taxpayer an estimated £2 billion per year. This equates to over £70 for every taxpayer  this money could be invested in essential services.