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Universal Credit - Ashfield District Council tenant

Ashfield District Council tenant?

Visit the council’s website for more information https://www.ashfield.gov.uk/residents/housing

I am renting my home from Ashfield District Council. Can I ask for the housing element (rent) to be paid direct to them?

Normally the housing element is paid direct to you as part of your UC entitlement.

However, under some circumstances the DWP will agree to alternative payment arrangements, such as paying your landlord direct. For example, if you are struggling with rent arrears. Ask your work coach to make payments direct or discuss the situation with your landlord who will help you to make this request.

What if I fall behind with my rent?

If you don’t pay your rent on time you risk losing your home. If you do fall behind with your rent payments it is important that you contact the Council immediately to discuss this. You may be able to come to an agreement to pay what you owe and take steps to stop your rent arrears increasing. This is particularly important if you have recently had a change in circumstance which has left you short of money.

We are here to help so if you can’t pay your rent, please contact us straight away. If you are on a low income or benefits, you may be able to get some or all of your rent paid for you.

Please call us on Tel – 01623 608999 for advice or to make an arrangement to pay your rent.