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Council Tax Band Reduction

You may be able to have your Council Tax reduced if a disabled person is living in the property (adult or child) and the property has been adapted in some way to meet the needs of that person.

To get a reduction, the property must have one of these:

  • A room, other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory that is used mainly by the disabled person and is required for meeting their needs as a result of their disability, for example a room used for treatment, or
  • An extra bathroom or kitchen which is required to meet the needs of the disabled person, or
  • Enough space for the use of a wheelchair where one needs to be used inside.

Minor adaptations, such as handrails, will NOT apply.

Your bill shows if you are already getting this reduction. The reduced Council Tax is given by charging as if the property was in the next lower valuation band. For example, if the property is actually in Band C, we charge the tax as Band B. Homes in Band A can also get a reduction.

If your home has any special internal features which have been added for a disabled resident which reduces the home's value and you do not think they have been taken into account in the valuation band to which your home has been assigned, you should contact the Listing Officer.