Local Plan 2002

The Ashfield Local Plan covers the whole of the District of Ashfield. The purpose of the new Local Plan is to set out a framework of policies to guide and encourage development in Ashfield District up to the year 2011, whilst safeguarding and enhancing the environment.

The Local Plan was formally adopted on 22nd November 2002.

Proposals maps

The online map information is for guidance purposes only. The definitive proposals map (paper copy) should be referred to for more detailed information.

The North Sheet covers Sutton-in-Ashfield and Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

The South Sheet covers Selston, Jacksdale, Underwood, Annesley Woodhouse and Hucknall.

Follow this link to view the document online.

Land Use policy and implementation

This section considers land needs for specific uses and identifies sites for development or protection.

Some of the policies contained in the Local Plan expired on 27th September 2007.

These policies and the "saved" policies can be viewed here.

It is important that this document is read in conjunction with the following sections of the Adopted Local Plan:

  • Chapter 3: Environment
  • Chapter 4: Employment
  • Chapter 5: Housing
  • Chapter 6: Transport
  • Chapter 7: Shopping
  • Chapter 8: Recreation
  • Chapter 9: Implementation


Neighbourhood Plans

When made, neighbourhood plans form part of the development plan for the area in question along with the “saved policies” in the Ashfield Local Plan Review 2002. 

Neighbourhood plans have been made for the following areas in the District of  Ashfield:

  • The Parish of Selston (excluding a small area included in the Parish from 1st December 2016).  The JUS-t Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here
  • The area comprising Stanton Hill, Skegby, Teversal and the rural area to the north of Sutton in Ashfield. The Teversal, Stanton Hill and Skegby Neighbourhood Plan can be view here.