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Nottinghamshire Local Geological Site Selection Criteria Consultation - Monday 21st May 2018 until Monday 2nd July 2018

This consultation has now ended.

The Site Selection Criteria describes the process for the identification and selection of non-statutory, locally designated sites within Nottinghamshire and the City of Nottingham of geological and geomorphological interest, known as Local Geological Sites (LGSs). This will complement the existing Local Wildlife Site (LWS) system, which identifies sites of biodiversity importance.

The use of a Local Sites system is a recognised approach at a national level in the National Planning Policy Framework (DCLG, 2012) and in Local Sites – Guidance on their Identification, Selection and Management (Defra, 2006).

The primary purpose of the Local Site system is to allow the most important geodiversity sites, and wildlife sites (LWS), in the county (outside statutorily designated SSSIs) to be identified, so that informed decisions can be made about their protection and management, and about changes in land use that may affect such sites.

The full Local Geological Site Selection Criteria can be found here