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The Planning Portal has produced guidance to help submitting an application online. All forms can be found on the Planning Portal website. The validation list can be found here.

Our fees can be found by clicking here.

Your application will be registered on the system and then it will be validated by the Technical administrators. Once your application is valid, a planning officer will be assigned to carry out the site visits and make a decision. You will receive an acknowledgement letter informing you of which officer has been assigned and their contact details (if you use an agent this information will be sent to them).

The planning officer who has been assigned to your case will ask certain bodies to make comments; this is different for each application as each application is taken on its own merits. This will also depend upon the constraints for the site / property. Those who are direct neighbours to the site / property will be consulted on small applications, but we can consult on a wider range of neighbours should we feel it necessary to do so. If someone has commented on a previous associated application they will be consulted on the new application.

Householder - 8 Weeks approximately

Non-material amendment - 4 Weeks approximately

Householder Prior notification -28 Days approximately

Minor applications - 8 Weeks approximately

Major applications 13 Weeks approximately

You have the option to comment on a planning application. Firstly, find the application you wish to comment on by using our Find a Planning Application page.Once the information has loaded click the buttton that states Comment on a Application, this form will then be submitted to our Planning support team.

If you wish to make a comment via another method (such as email or letter), please include either your email address or postal address so that we can keep you up to date with the planning application. PLEASE NOTE: All comments are placed on the council's website and are open to public inspection. Please note that planning application files are a public document and in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct any letters submitted in respect of a proposal will become available for inspection by any interested persons, including members of the public and the applicant. You are asked not to sign your representation. Your comments are published in full this includes your name and address. We only redact the following personal contact details signatures, telephone numbers and emails addresses. All other information will be published unless clearly requested at the beginning of your correspondence. Please ensure your comments do not contain any personal details or defamatory remarks. Find out what is a planning consideration here.

Yes you can appeal against a decision made by the Council up to 6 months after the decision has been issued. You can also appeal on the grounds of non-determination if your application has not been determined after 8 weeks for minor proposals or 13 weeks for major development proposals. For more information on the appeals process please visit Planning Portal-appeals section . (Please note no third party has a right to appeal). 

Only planning applications from 2005 onwards can be viewed on our website, visit the Find a Planning Application page. For any records dating before 2005 please contact the Planning Support team for an appointment on 01623 457389 or email planning.admin@ashfield-dc.gov.uk.

In order to discharge the conditions of your planning application you will need to ensure that you have all of the information relating to your conditions, such as the materials. A Conditional Discharge application form (found on the planning portal) can be submitted or a covering letter outlining which conditions you wish to discharge, will be required and the relevant fee. You can send in your discharge of conditions via the Planning Portal, post, email or in person. For your convenience we can take the payment over the phone.

Permitted development means that you can do certain work to a property without requiring planning permission. To find out exactly what you can do please visit www.planningportal.gov.uk and use the interactive house.

PLEASE NOTE: For a period of three years, between 30 May 2013 and 30 May 2019, householders will be able to build larger single-storey rear extensions under permitted development. The size limits will double from 4 metres to 8 metres for detached houses, and from 3 metres to 6 metres for all other houses.

If you require advice on what to submit with your planning application please call the Planning Supoort team on 01623 457389. For all other enquires please email planning.admin@ashfield-dc.gov.uk or call the Duty Planner on 01623 457388.

You can contact the planning department by

Telephone: Planning Supoort team on 01623 457389 or the Duty Planner on 01623 457388.

Email: planning.admin@ashfield.gov.uk or Duty Planner on dutyplanner@ashfield.gov.uk

If you feel that a development which is taking place would require planning permission, please contact our enforcement team on 01623 457397 or the duty planner on 01623 457388. Please ensure you have all of the information required such as site address. We do not except anonymous complaints.

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