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Our team of 60 waste collectors provide a wide range of services to each and every household in the district, and to over 600 businesses in Ashfield.

We aim to help every resident and business to dispose of their waste in a responsible and sustainable way.

We aim to divert as much waste away from landfill as possible, in part due to the increasing cost of landfilling waste, but mainly to alleviate the detrimental environmental effects from disposing of waste in the ground.


Each household across the District is provided with a red bin for household waste, green bin for recyclables and a blue bin for glass recycling. An optional brown bin for garden waste is also available. 

Follow the links below to find out more information about waste collections, or click on one of the bins below to find out what can go in each bin.

As a Waste Collection Authority, we deliver all the collected waste to Nottinghamshire County Council, our Disposal Authority. NCC work in partnership with Veolia who provide landfill sites, recycling and composting facilities at which to process the waste.

We distribute an annual collection calendar to all residents, informing you of your collection days, and have a team of support staff ready to advise and inform residents of the services we provide. Bin collection calendars are currently being updated on the Website. 

Would you like to see where your recycling goes? click here for information on how to book a tour of the materials recovery facility (MRF)

We offer a weekly or fortnightly commercial waste collection service to meet the needs of your business and conduct educational events with schools, community groups, businesses and households to give advice and to gain feedback on the services we provide. 

Interested in home composting, why not visit getcomposting.com where we've teamed up to provide reduced priced environmental products such as home compost bins, water butts and more. Composting at home turns most kitchen and garden waste into a rich compost to keep your garden blooming year after year.


Please note: Bins must be placed at the boundary of your property, adjacent to the public highway, by 6.00 a.m. on the scheduled day of collection. When the bin has been emptied, the collector will return it to this point.  In the case of shared drives, please leave the bin for collection at the bottom of the drive adjacent to the pavement/road.

If you are unable to place the bin at the boundary of your property, please contact us.

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