Do you want to recycle your household batteries? We have now introduced another waste stream to our list of recyclables. Containers have been placed in various locations around the district to allow you to recycle the following battery types:

LR1, A23, AAA, AA, C, D, PP3(9v)


The containers can be found at the following locations:

Council Offices: Kirkby in Ashfield, Sutton in Ashfield and Hucknall

Leisure Centres: Festival Hall, Lammas, Hucknall and Selston

Selston Community Centre

Jacksdale Community Centre

Selston Community Centre

What can you do to avoid creating battery waste?

Use rechargeable batteries wherever possible - you can even buy a solar powered recharger!

Plug electrical equipment into the mains electricity.

Try to buy appliances that use renewable energy: a wind-up radio or torch, dynamo bicycle lights or a solar powered calculator.