Bulky Waste (Special collections)

Bulky waste

We recognise that from time to time, residents may require a one off collection of garden waste, general household waste or furniture and white goods. In order to help you dispose of your waste responsibly, our teams are able to carry out one off collections from your property.

Due to the nature of the waste, however, a charge needs to be made to the householder. The pricing structure is as follows:

First item (a fridge or freezer): £18.00

First item (excluding a fridge or freezer): £14.00

Subsequent items: £7.50 each.

If you require the disposal of a large amount of waste, we should be able to accomodate this. We provide on site quotes for large quantities.

To book a bulky waste collection, book through our e-store or call 0800 183 8484.