General Waste

General Waste



The 'red-lidded' general waste bin is collected fortnightly, the week after your 'green-lidded' recycling bin. 




Your wheelie bin

The general waste bin is collected every fortnight and is for all of your non-recyclable household waste. The more waste each household recycles, the less you will need to use your 'red-lidded' bin. This results in less waste being sent to energy recovery.

Red lidded bin

Containing the waste

It is advisable to bag the waste that goes into this wheelie bin to prevent any smells escaping from the bin. Try to avoid using plastic carrier bags as they have air holes allowing any smells to escape. Pedal bin liners are best, as they are completely air tight.

Our collection crews work from 06:00 every weekday so we ask that all bins that are due for collection are presented before 6:00 on the appropriate collection days.

For more information on what items go in which bin, follow the links below:

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Ashfield District Council supports the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council and the six other District/Borough Councils within Nottinghamshire.

Reducing the amount of waste your household produces both saves you money and helps the environment.

Where Does The Council Dispose Of The Rubbish In The 'Red-Lidded' Bins?

At present the rubbish collected via the 'red-lidded' bins is transported to Welshcroft Close RDF.

Recycling our waste is really important as disposing of residual waste is becoming more difficult and expensive.

The destination of the 'red-lidded' bin waste is determined by Nottinghamshire County Council and Veolia Environmental Services who work in partnership through a Private Financing Initiative (PFI) contract.

Security Advice

It is highly recommended to write your house number and street name on the wheelie bin as sometimes they are stolen once the collection crews have emptied them.