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Our residents have told us that a nice environment, clean streets and well maintained parks and open spaces matters to them. Ashfield is a unique environment with a mixture of towns and villages; and a beautiful landscape made up of award winning parks and open spaces. Maintenance of the environment is carried out by Environmental Services, who work 7 days a week to empty over 1000 dual purpose litter and dog fouling bins across the district, keep the district free from litter and detritus and maintain all of the Council’s parks and open spaces. The Team also cut highway verge grass on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council.

In 2012 the traditional street cleansing and grounds maintenance services in Ashfield were merged to create Environmental Services, following an in depth review of the service provided to the residents of Ashfield. By understanding what matters to residents, the service was able to determine its purpose; to help residents live in a clean, safe and accessible place.

 In order to effectively deliver against this purpose, area teams are embedded across four distinct areas of the district, which enables better understanding of each area, and the different demands specific to them. Local knowledge is gained by working in the heart of communities and having better communication with residents. This is key to understand where demand hot spots are to enable prevention of issues as well as taking action to rectify environmental issues once they have occurred.  

Environmental Services work with The Council's Community Protection team to address and prevent environmental crime whilst also using a range of campaigns to promote and encourage good environmental behaviours.