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Brierley Forest Park
Off Skegby Road
NG17 2PL

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January 2018 Press Release


Brierley Forest Park was developed as a Country Park between 1992 and 2000, to provide footpath, cycling and horse riding networks through a series of plantation woodlands, hay meadows, water bodies, streams and wetland areas. It is an accredited Natural England Country Park and designated as a Greenwood site, part of the community forest covering the Nottinghamshire area.

Originally a former colliery site, Brierley Forest Park has been transformed into a wildlife haven with walks covering over two miles. The park is over 78 hectares in size and also provides recreation facilities including a football pitch, children’s play area and play trail, fishing, mountain bike track, sculpture features and a visitor centre with café facilities.





     Site facilities:-

  • The Brierley Café and Visitor Centre – check Facebook for opening times   
  • Brierley Waters with 20 fishing platforms (including 2 disabled pegs)
  • Play area
  • Children’s play trail
  • Mountain bike track
  • Car park including disabled spaces
  • Picnic areas
  • Sculpture trail
  • Horse route / cycling trails
  • Arboretum
  • Remembrance Grove
  • Bird feeding stations
  • Brierley Forest parkrun

Brierley Park


Mountain Bike


Site History
Brierley Forest Park is located on former farmland and the site of Sutton Colliery. The Sutton Colliery was originally called ‘The New Skegby Colliery’. The pit shafts were sunk in 1873. Locally, it was known as Brierley Hill as the shafts were sunk by miners from Brierley Hill in Staffordshire, who had relocated to the local area seeking employment.

In the late 1970s, the old colliery spoil tips were regraded, partly re-soiled and grassed, although Sutton Colliery itself did not close until 1989.  Demolition of buildings and capping of shafts was completed later, together with final land re-profiling and soiling.  The bulk of the tips were grassed over and the lower slopes planted with a variety of predominantly native broadleaved trees and shrubs, but also including a non-native element.

Ashfield District Council purchased the spoil heap and surrounding farmland to create the park. Development began in 1992 with the aim creating Brierley Forest Park as a gateway site within the Greenwood Community Forest.

There are permanent reminders of the site’s industrial past, through the timber sculptures outside the visitor centre, the commemorative stone on Rooley Tops, and the pit wheels along the main path to Brierley Waters. Within the visitor centre, there are permanent displays illustrating the site’s history.

Site management
The site is managed by Ashfield District Council. 


To book an event on the park or to request a booking form please email or call 01623 457092

For sports and pitch bookings please call 01623 457092 / 457410 or email

To report a crime (including anti-social behaviour) contact the Police on 101

To report damage to the facilities please call 0800 183 8484 or email


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Green Flag Award

The park has held this national award since 2003. To achieve a Green Flag award a park needs to meet 8 key criteria:

  • a welcoming place
  • healthy, safe and secure
  • clean and well maintained
  • environmentally sustainable
  • committed to conservation and heritage
  • encourages community involvement
  • well marketed
  • well managed

For further information about the award visit: