Provisional Statement

Where premises are being, or are about to be, constructed or altered, applicants may apply for a provisional statement, which acts as an indicator whether a Premises Licence is likely to be granted upon completion of the construction work or alterations in accordance with the plans.

The procedure enables the applicant to have an assessment made as to the feasibility of the proposed development being granted a premises licence for licensable activities upon completion of the building or works.

If a provisional statement is granted, applicants will still need to apply for a premises licence in the normal way before the premises can be used for any licensable activities.

For further information about premises licences, please see how to apply for a Premises Licence

Who can apply

Any person (if an individual aged 18 or over) who has an interest in the premises may apply for a Provisional Statement.
A person in this context includes a business, a firm of architects, a construction company or a financier.

An application for a Provisional Statement must be made to the Licensing Authority for the area in which the premises is situated.

 If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the Licensing Team.