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Sign up for garden waste collections

Sign up to have your garden waste collected for £28 a year and save yourself some trips to the tip. You’ll be given an extra bin with a brown or black lid. We’ll collect fortnightly between March and December.

Pay for garden waste collection online now - and we’ll start collecting from you in around a fortnight.

Pay for garden waste collection

What goes in the garden waste bin?

If you sign up to have your garden waste collected we will give you an extra bin with a brown or black lid. You can put the following in it:

  • leaves
  • grass cuttings
  • twigs
  • hedge trimmings
  • prunings
  • weeds
  • cut flowers.

You cannot put soil, tree branches, rubble or food waste in this bin. Food waste can be composted or put in your general waste bin (with the red lid).

If you need a compost bin or kitchen caddy you can get one from Get Composting at a discounted price.

Other items, or where you have a lot of waste from a garden clearance, can be taken to the recycling centre (tip). For information on recycling centres(tips) in our local area take a look at the county council website.

If you need a new bin because it is damaged or broken please contact us:

When is garden waste collected?

We collect garden waste between March and December each year from those who are signed up to the scheme. There will be at least 20 collections during this time, made fortnightly.

If you’ve signed up you can check the bin calendar to check when your next collection is due. You can sign up any time during the season but the cost will remain the same.

How much does garden waste collection cost?

The cost is £28 for at least 20 collections made fortnightly between March and December. If you need more than one garden waste bin you can add extra bins at £14 each a year.

How do I sign up for garden waste collection?

You will need to pay annually for each season (March to December collections) and can pay for the current season with a debit or credit card through our online payment system:

Pay for garden waste collection

If you make a payment at any time after March, this will be for any remaining collections during that year's season (March to December), up to and including the December collection in that year's season.

How do I cancel garden waste collections?

If you no longer want to have your garden waste collected contact us:

We’ll remove your brown - or black-lid bin after you cancel the collection with us. We don’t give refunds even where you cancel part-way through the season.