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Cemeteries & Burials FAQ

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Purchased Graves

Purchased graves are where the exclusive right of burial has been bought for period of 75 years. It is the owner of the right of burial who can decide who will be buried in the grave.

Unpurchased Graves

An unpurchased grave, sometimes known as a common grave, is where the right to burial has not been bought and the council has total control of the grave. Common graves can be sold at a later date, at the discretion of the authorities.The Council will decide who will be buried in the grave and this might not be members of the same family.No memorial rights exist on common graves so no headstone or other memorial can be put up.

We currently provide lawn type graves, which we maintain at no expense to the grave owner.After the burial, the grave is made level and grassed over. The headstone can have a marble or granite vase plate on which flowers or wreaths can be placed.So that we can maintain these areas, nothing else is allowed to be placed or grown on or around the grave and the area in front of the headstone is grassed over.

Burials can take place on any weekday, except on bank holidays. Please talk to your funeral director or contact us to discuss any specific needs.

Yes, in each cemetery there is an area which is set aside for cremated remains. Cremated remains can also be placed in purchased graves.

No. Graves cannot be opened without the permission in writing of the registered owner of the right of burial. As the registered owner you will automatically be allowed to be buried in the grave if there is space remaining.

Primarily the responsibility of ensuring that the memorials are in good condition and safe is that of the memorial/grave deed owner. If the Council finds a headstone which is deemed to be dangerous immediate action may be taken and contact to the owner will be made.