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Access to Information

Electronic Access to Public Registers

In response to the latest regulations regarding access to information the council has made available a number of public registers via the internet for ease of use. Full details of electronic access can be found HERE

Personal Inspection of Public Registers

Contact the relevant service area for specific guidelines on times and locations of the register which can be found by the link below.

Information Requests under EIR or FOI

Following the release of new guidance from the Information Commissionaires Office regarding Property Search Requests, further guidance on how to submit a request under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) or the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) can be found at "Freedom of Information".

CON29 Individual Enquiry Order Form

In addition to the above methods the authority has developed an alternative search solution for each element of the CON29 form.

This method will be particularly useful for obtaining information currently unavailable vie public registers. It may also provide a valuable alternative search method for complex or multiple enquiries.

Access to Information

To comply with Government guidance issued in January 2009 this Council is committed to providing access to all publically available records held at the Council and all unrefined data required to complete CON29 Enquiries. The following table is provided as a reference guide to those wishing to research and compile their own search enquiries.