Business continuity at Ashfield District Council

What is the Council doing?

Ashfield District Council is a Category 1 responder as defined by the Civil Contingency Act 2004. The Act places an onus on all local authorities to put in place business continuity arrangements. In addition the Act requires category 1 responders ‘to continue to exercise their civil protection functions as well as continuing to perform their ordinary functions’. As a local authority Ashfield District Council has an additional responsibility to other Category 1 responders in ensuring that it promotes Business Continuity throughout the district. 

Ashfield District Council is currently developing a Business Continuity Policy  which provides details of arrangements that will ensure the council is able to operate during and in the aftermath of, an incident / emergency.

Ashfield District Council has a detailed Business Continuity Plan that is used internally where specific critical functions are identified. These function if not maintained; have the potential to cause hardship for residents. The Council if an incident requires the Business Continuity plan to be invoked will ensure that resources are prioritised and directed to preserve these functions in the event of an incident/emergency

Ashfield District Council regularly carries out training and excising with its officers so that they are prepared and able to ensure that services are restored as soon as possible if an incident should occur.

Businesses - What can I do?

There are many types of incidents that could affect the ability of your business, large or small, to continue to operate on a day to day basis. There is evidence nationally  to suggest that over 60% of companies who suffer a major disaster are no longer trading two years after the event. Of the 40% of companies who are still trading the majority had disaster recovery plans of some sort.


Through developing a Business Continuity Plan and planning out the processes and procedures that you would need to ensure you can continue with business as usual in the event of an unexpected crisis you are in a better position to resume business with limited disruption and resume normal operation as soon as possible .


 Consider your area and the nature of your business. What risks are likely to affect your business? For example, if your premises are near a watercourse, are you likely to be affected by flooding, if you are in a rural area; are you more susceptible to power cuts or isolation due to bad weather conditions?

What would you then do, if the worst were to happen, to overcome these difficulties?

There is help and guidance available to help you consider what you might do. Our Useful links section will direct you to specialist advice available on the web to combat flooding, fire, computer fraud, cyber attacks, prepare for bad weather conditions and generally increase the resilience of your business

Alternatively email the Business Continuity team at Ashfield District Council for specific advice

What else is there....?

Working alongside its partners within the Local Resilience Forum (LRF)  Ashfield District Council assists to put into place plans on a county wide level that support residents and businesses should a wider incident occur.


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This Business Resilience Health Check has been developed to help you do just that.Ultimately, this will help you to protect your bottom line, differentiate yourself from competitors, and ensure that you can continue to operate as usual in the face of potential disruption.Upon completion, you will receive a bespoke report outlining the actions that you should address, giving you a good starting point to develop a practical and coherent business resilience plan.