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Delivery of Priorities

The Corporate Plan segments our delivery into 5 separate themes: 

Economic Regeneration

Health and Wellbeing


Place and Communities

Organisational Improvement 

Our People Strategy supports the achievement of the key themes in our Corporate Plan. An effective People Strategy enables the Council to plan for the future with a clear focus on improving services through partnership. The People Strategy and associated Workforce Development Plan (WDP) is an integral part of each council’s performance management framework. It provides the link between valuing and developing people, with improving and developing services and enabling local leadership.

People Strategy 2016 - 2019

Delivery of Transformation

 The Council aim to modernise services, be innovative and adaptable and make use of technology to help transform service delivery

Technology Strategy 2016 - 2020


This is how we engage with members of the community, to get the most from our engagement activities and so that all opinions are heard

Achieve Value for Money

This is to ensure we provide the necessary services, to the highest possible standard, whilst still remaining as cost effective as possible


The Council strive to commercialise as many services as possible to generate income and so that the customer can expect the high standard of service the Council provides

Commercial Enterprise Strategy

Improving Services

We have an approach in place currently which entails all services within the Council to be reviewed, thus making them as efficient, cost effective and customer demand driven as possible

Delivery of Projects

The councils projects are recorded in each sections service plans, these projects are laid out at the start of the financial year and services are measured on how these projects have been completed: to a high standard; meeting the timeline set and delivering added value

Understanding Communities and Customers

We realise that the customer and communities ,( you ), are the ones who will benefit most from the Councils decisions, therefore we consult with and take into consideration the views of the residents as often as possible. There are numerous forums, panels and working groups made up of residents of Ashfield and their views and opinions are voiced through these.