The Council

Councillors and Meetings

The Council is currently made up of 35 Councillors who sit on a range of Committees.  

Committees have specific functions and responsibilities (such as Planning and Licensing) which they carry out on behalf of the Council.  The Cabinet (or Executive) is the part of the Council that is responsible for most of the policy decisions that influence day-to-day operations.  Members of the Cabinet are appointed annually by the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Members (or Portfolio Holders) are each responsible for different areas of activity.

The membership of all Committees are agreed at the Annual Council meeting every May.

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Overview and Scrutiny Function

The Overview and Scrutiny Function is part of the process of checks and balances that ensure the Council is delivering on its promises.  It also has a role in looking at how other public services are delivering in Ashfield.

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Councillor Surgeries

Councillors regularly hold surgeries in their local areas which you can drop into if you want to share a problem or discuss an issue.  Please refer to your local Councillor's contact and information page for more details.


District Council elections are held every four years with the next election taking place in 2023.  District Councillors are usually members of a political party, but they can also be independent. The party with the most Councillors becomes the ruling party. 

For all election enquiries and to view the current composition of the District Council, click here 


For any further information or assistance please contact the Democratic Services Team on 01623 457318 or email 


Contact your Local Councillor

Information about Councillors, including contact details, wards, political party and Committee memberships 
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The Constitution

This document sets out how the Council operates, the rules it must follow and how decisions are made to ensure transparency and accountability to local people
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Petition Scheme

The Council welcomes petitions whether paper, electronic or e-petitions created through our website
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Email Updates

You may like to register for email updates regarding arrangements for particular Council and Committee meetings
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