Council Meeting Recordings

Meetings of the Council and the Planning Committee are recorded and the corresponding audio files are available to download below.

For further information contact the Democratic Services Team:

Tel: 01623 457317



 Date  Committee Name  Recording
 5th March, 2020  Extraordinary Council (Tax Setting)  Download
 26th February, 2020  Planning Committee  Download
 13th February, 2020  Council   Download
 22nd January, 2020  Planning Committee  Download
 24th October, 2019  Council (State of Ashfield Debate)  Download
 23rd October, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 26th September, 2019  Council  Download
 26th September, 2019  Extraordinary Council  Download
 25th September, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 5th September, 2019  Extraordinary Council  Download
 28th August, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 25th July, 2019  Council  Download
 24th July, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 26th June, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 16th May, 2019  Annual Council  Download
 28th March, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 4th March, 2019  Extraordinary Council (Tax Setting)  Download
 28th February, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 13th February, 2019  Council  Download
 24th January, 2019  Planning Committee  Download
 13th December, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 29th November, 2018  Council  Download
 14th November, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 23rd October, 2018  Council (State of Ashfield Debate)  Download
 18th October, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 11th October, 2018  Council  Download
 20th September, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 6th September, 2018  Extraordinary Council  Download
 16th August, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 26th July, 2018  Council  Download
 25th July, 2018  Planning Committee (no recording due to technical error)  
 24th May, 2018  Annual Council  Download
 17th May, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 26th April, 2018  Council  Download
 12th April, 2018  Planning Commitee  Download
 13th March, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 5th March, 2018  Extraordinary Council (Tax Setting)  Download
 1st February, 2018  Council  Download
 25th January, 2018  Planning Committee  Download
 14th December, 2017  Planning Committee  Download
 7th December, 2017  Council  Download
 5th October, 2017  Council  Download
 28th September, 2017  Planning Committee  Download
 24th August, 2017  Planning Committee  Download
 27th July, 2017  Planning Committee  Download
 20th July, 2017  Council  Download
 20th June, 2017  Planning Committee  Download
 25th May, 2017  Annual Council  Download
 20th April, 2017  Council  Download
 19th April, 2017  Planning Committee  Download
 2nd March, 2017  Planning Committee   Download
 27th February, 2017  Extraordinary Council (Tax Setting)  Download
 16th February, 2017  Council  Download
 26th January, 2017  Planning Committee (25 mins recording missing at start due to technical error)  Download
 8th December, 2016  Council  Download
 1st December, 2016   Planning Committee  Download
 3rd November, 2016  Planning Committee  Download
 6th October, 2016  Council  Download
 29th September, 2016  Planning Committee  Download
 21st July, 2016  Council  Download
 19th May, 2016  Annual Council  Download
 14th April, 2016  Council  Download
 29th February, 2016   Extraordinary Council (Tax Setting)  Download
 11th February, 2016  Council   Download


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