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About the District

Living in Ashfield

Ashfield is nestled on the edge of beautiful countryside, with three vibrant towns and picturesque rural villages. Renowned for its welcoming, supportive and passionate communities, the area boasts a mix of beautiful countryside, complemented by award winning urban and country parks. There are also some fantastic leisure centres and attractions for visitors. The area has excellent road, rail and transport links and access to a mix of affordable housing, schools, colleges, and shopping centres.


Visiting Ashfield

Rich in natural, cultural and industrial heritage, Ashfield is the home of a number of historical and cultural/literary figures, most notably Lord Byron and his daughter Ada Lovelace, regarded as being the first ever computer programmer. There are miles of traffic free walking and cycling trails to be explored around the district and links into Derbyshire Dales. The area is also rich in sporting heritage, being the home of cricketing legend Harold Larwood.


Working in Ashfield

Ashfield is the ideal business location in the heart of the country, situated on the M1 directly between the cities of Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield. The majority of the country can easily be reached within a three hour drive. There are three rail stations in the district, along the Robin Hood line, connecting with Worksop (to the North) and Nottingham (to the South). The district is also connected by tram services into Nottingham from Hucknall. Phase Two of the high speed rail network (HS2) which will link the West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds, may also bring future rail connection opportunities for the district.


Ashfield has seen significant growth in commercial development activity over the past few years, making it one of the region’s leading business locations.

The area’s economy is growing successfully, with unemployment in the district reducing significantly faster than county and national averages, from 14.3% at the beginning of 2013 down to 3.2% at the beginning of 2015 when the national average was 6%, whilst the average income per household has also increased significantly.

Ashfield District


Although Ashfield has the highest number of working age benefit claimants, compared with our neighbouring authorities, the numbers are reducing rapidly, from 14,060 in February 2012 to 12,040 in February 2015. This fall of 2,020 benefit claimants is the greatest amongst our neighbouring authorities (Office of National Statistics).

According to the latest data (2013), the job density for Ashfield and its neighbours is 0.62 per working aged resident, against which job density in Ashfield is above average at 0.69, putting it in the top three of the seven Nottinghamshire authorities. Ashfield also has the greatest number of large enterprises in the area (20) that employs in excess of 250 people and 80 medium sized businesses with between 50 and 250 employees (Office of National Statistics).