Registering to vote

The way in which you can register to vote has changed as a result of the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration (IER). You can now register online on the Government website.

You will need to supply your national insurance number and date of birth, alternatively you can visit one of our information offices at either Kirkby, Sutton or Hucknall and use the i-pads in reception to register online. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Elections unit on 01623 457321 or by emailing

Is there a legal requirement to register?

There is a legal requirement for people to return their Household Enquiry Form during the annual canvass period which usually runs from September until November each year. A form is sent to every property in the district, and by law every household must respond to this form, and confirm the details of the people currently living at the property.

Between the months of December and August you can update your details if you move house, or change your name, but it is not a legal requirement. However, we strongly recommend that you update your details so that you are still registered to vote at the time of an election, but also, not updating your details could have a negative impact on your credit rating.

Can I register to vote?

You can register if:

  • you are a resident in the district on the date of your application
  • you are British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of another member state of the European Union
  • you are aged 18 years and over, or will become 18 during the life of the electoral register.

I'm a student, where should I register?

Students can register at both their home address and their term time address, however, they can only vote once in any particular election.

Service personnel or crown servant?

If you are a member of the armed forces, or the spouse of a service person, you can register either as an ordinary elector at your home address or you can register as a service voter. If you wish to register, you can do it online.

If you are a crown servant or an employee of the British council, you can register either as an ordinary elector at your home address or you can register as a crown servant voter, which you can do online.

Moving overseas?

If you move to live abroad, you can keep your right to vote at UK Parliamentary elections and European Parliamentary elections for fifteen years from your last UK electoral registration date, subject to you submitting an annual overseas elector application.

You will be entitled to register at the last UK address where you were registered to vote, or, if you were too young to register when you moved, at the last UK registration address of your parents or guardians. At the time of applying you can also opt to vote by post or by proxy. Please note that postal votes are not sent out until around 8 working days before an election, so if the postal vote is being sent overseas, there may not be enough time for it to reach the recipient, and for the recipient to then return it to the elections unit before the deadline of 10pm on polling day. If you wish to apply to register as an overseas elector, please complete the relevant application form at the about my vote website.

Are there two versions of the electoral register?

Yes, on 1 December each year, two electoral registers are published, the electoral register and the open register. These registers are used for different purposes.

The electoral register lists the name and address of everyone registered to vote. Anyone can look at this register, but only under supervision. Certain people and organisations are supplied with copies of the electoral register, such as credit reference agencies, government departments and political parties, but they can only use it for specific purposes, for example, to check your details if you apply for credit. The electoral register can also be used for law enforcement.

The open register can be bought by anyone and used for any purpose. If you do not wish to be on this register, please ensure that you tick the opt out box when asked about the open register at the time of completing your registration application.