Why is it important to vote?

Ballot Box with the word vote above it
The people who are elected make decisions that will affect you every day. People sometimes do not realise all the ways that politics affects them. To see how politics may affect you, click on one of the subjects below:


The food we eat

How you get about

The music you listen to

Where you live

Your night out

Local councils are responsible for providing local services and facilities. Ashfield District Council falls within Nottinghamshire County Council and each council provides different services for its residents. Below is a list of the services each council provides:

Nottinghamshire County Council Ashfield District Council
Educational Services Elections and Electoral Registration
Libraries Environmental Health
Social Services Council Housing
Streets and Roads Leisure and Recreation Facilities
Local Transport Local Planning
Waste Council Tax

Councillors who represent you make decisions about the services listed above. Voting at elections allows you to have a say on who represents you and therefore, the decisions they make.