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If you want to apply for Work Experience within Ashfield District Council, please look at the departments that offer work experience and then complete the following form:

Work Experience Departments

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One of the key functions of any landlord is to ensure their properties are maintained as they have a legal duty to keep their tenant’s homes ‘in repair’.

Within the section not only do we have a range of trade operatives and surveyors we also have a support team that operate a call centre and provide administration and customer service functions.

Therefore we are able to offer a range of experience opportunities such as:

• General Building
• Joinery
• Heating & Plumbing
• Electrical
• Repair Surveys
• Office Skills
• Customer Care

As a member of the Lettings Team your role is to help local residents in need of housing, by providing them with advice and assistance to access suitable accommodation.

You will work with the administration team who prioritise applications for rehousing on the basis of their housing need. They are responsible for advertising vacant Council properties and for administering ‘bids’ from applicants who are interested and eligible for the properties. They then shortlist each property, considering the applicant in the greatest housing need.

This role is very much about managing the expectations of applicants seeking rehousing and exploring other affordable housing options with them as the demand for Council accommodation significantly exceeds the availability.

Planning touch on every aspect of the world around us, from the location and appearance of the houses we live in, to the size of the schools we attend, to the supply of the electricity we use to power our lives. It gives you the opportunity to influence your world.

Building Control Officers have a key role in ensuring that new buildings, alterations, installations and extensions are safe, sustainable, accessible and meet the regulatory design standards.

Your work experience placement would enable you to observe planning activity such as the extension of a conservatory on a private house, or the construction of large, complex developments.

One of the many important government departments you can work in is Tenancy Services.

The Tenancy Services Section sits within the Housing Services Directorate. It is responsible for the management of the Council’s housing properties and provides a broad range of housing advice and support services to tenants.

The Tenancy Services team manage around 6700 Council owned properties and a further 172 Leasehold homes. This includes providing support to vulnerable tenants to enable them to sustain their tenancy and therefore remain in their homes and also to encourage and support tenants to pay their rent in a timely manner.

We ensure that tenants have access to high quality housing services and that they can become involved in decision making and improving the services we provide at whatever level they choose.

The Transport section is based at northern Depot. Our maintenance workshops maintain the varied vehicle fleet operated by the councils front line services, these include heavy goods vehicles i.e. refuse vehicles, road sweepers, light vans, tractors, mowing machinery & various items of small plant.

A placement with us allows the student to experience first-hand how the workshop operates repairing & servicing a variety of different vehicles / machinery in a safe friendly working environment.

We are also a Vosa approved Mot testing station.

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