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Ashfield Maps

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Using our dynamic maps, you can search with your postcode or address to find information on:

  • local services, such as bin collections, libraries, parks, schools, councillors, polling stations, etc.
  • current and historic planning applications
  • vacant commercial property, allotment and cemetery sites


1. Click the 'Interactive Map' link below then wait for the map to load. If it takes more than 30 seconds try refreshing the page.

2. Type your address or postcode into the search bar on the top right directly above the map.

search here

Select your address by double clicking it.

3. Choose the information you want to see by ticking the boxes on the left hand side.

4. Click the yellow star on your property to see the information listed.

5. For any links, hold ctrl and click the link to open in a new window.


If you have any problems or have any suggestions, please contact us on (01623) 457-281 or lpg@ashfield.gov.uk


To access the maps please click the link below