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long grass and wildflowers on Sutton Lawn

No Mow May

Ashfield District Council is taking part in No Mow May this year to help enhance biodiversity across the District.

The No Mow May campaign, run by the conservation charity Plantlife, is designed to encourage people to not mow their lawns and green spaces throughout the month of May to allow wildflowers to grow to provide food for pollinators and insects.

During May certain areas of grass will be left to grow long, these include Teversal Trail, Titchfield Park, Hucknall, Sutton Lawn, Kingsway Park, Kirkby, Selston Country Park, parts of the A611 bypass, and parts of the A608 bypass. Grass that needs to be cut for safety reasons, such as corners of roads, will still be mown in May.

Craig Bonar, Executive Director for Transformation, said

“We are really proud to be supporting No Mow May this year, this is just one of the ways we will be increasing biodiversity in the District. Ashfield District Council is committed to enhancing our natural environment and reducing our carbon emission, No Mow May will help play a part in this.”

Signage will be installed in the areas of long grass to let residents know that it is being left on purpose. Grass cutting will continue on residential areas as normal.

The Council has previously planted bee highways and wildflowers on Teversal Trail, Titchfield Park, and Sutton Lawn. The longer grass will complement these initiatives by providing a rich tapestry of native wildflowers to support pollinators, insects, mammals, and birds.