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How can we help private landlords

We can work with you to find a tenant that would be a good match for your property
We can advise you on the condition your property must be in and if you require a license to let it

We're also available to answer any questions throughout their tenancy and help you deal with any problems that might arise, for example:

- If there is a problem with your tenants housing benefit / Local Housing Allowance / Universal Credit Housing Costs claim, we can advise you on how to resolve it

- If your tenant is struggling to pay the rent or other bills, we can advise them on any financial assistance they may be entitled to and where they can get specialist advice

- If your tenant needs extra support to live independently, we can refer them to organisations that can help them

- If you're thinking of asking your tenant to leave, we can advise you of the correct legal process you should follow. We can also help you to resolve the issue with your tenants and provide advice to the tenant on finding somewhere else to live.

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