Street Naming and Numbering

Street Naming and Numbering is a statutory service provided by Ashfield District Council. The service involves assigning addresses (street names and numbers) to new build properties. The service can also issue naming or numbering amendments to resolve existing problems.

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The primary purpose of this function for Local Authorities is to facilitate the easy identification of premises, for deliveries, post but especially by the emergency services.

To submit a direct request, please complete our Online Request Form. We will respond within 3 days.
To request a new address by email or post, please complete the relevant forms - Address Request Form or Housename Request Form.

For large sites with multiple plots we require a plan to be submitted with the request form. All plans must include the following:-

  • Total Number of Plots
  • Proposed Street Name(s)
  • Types of Property: Flats including number of storeys and flats per storey
  • Door access to street
  • Site Boundary
  • Access Road
  • North Arrow
  • Plot Numbers

Once a street numbering scheme has been finalised, any amendments will result in additional charges being incurred by the developer. This includes changes to the number of plots, amalgamations or addition of plots, changes to the house types or repositioning of plots.

We also provide a service to house owners who wish to name a house or alter a house name. This service includes a listing on our Land and Property Gazetteer as well as notification being sent to all interested parties, including the emergency services.

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Under Section 17 of the Public Health Act 1925 the local authority has the power to alter, propose and assign street names and numbering. There is, however, no duty to notify third parties of these new addresses. We currently have a charge for the notification of new addresses as well as for changes to finalised schemes.

The Street Naming and Numbering Fee Structure lists all the new and revised charges along with the organisations to which the notification will be sent. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions associated with this document.

Ashfield District Council is NOT responsible for issuing new postcodes; this is the responsibility of Royal Mail. However, Royal Mail will not issue a postcode for a new street or property until requested to do so by the Council.

Postcodes for commercial premises are allocated in the same way as residential premises, but a large company or business can apply to Royal Mail for its own code known as a large user code. Application for a large user code is the responsibility of the business, as they will know what volume of mail they generate.

For more information please see the Royal Mail website.

The Post Office also offers a range of online services, including:-

Land Registry is the government department responsible for providing a state guarantee of ownership by registering land and property in England and Wales.

Local authorities send Land Registry these changes to update their records in the property register. However, Local Authorities are not permitted to send details of ownership to the Land Registry, this has to be completed by the owner of the property.

Please see the Land Registry website for details.