Ending your Tenancy

You must end your tenancy as stated in your tenancy agreement.

How do I end my tenancy?

If you want to end your tenancy you must give us 4 week's written notice.
You can either download a Notice to Quit form HERE or visit your local Property Shop and complete a form there.
Your local Property Shop addresses are at the bottom of the Tenancy Services Contact page.

Notices must be handed in to your local Property shop. All tenancies will end on a Sunday.

What happens after I have submitted my notice?

You will receive a letter confirming the receipt of your request to terminate your tenancy. This letter will inform you of the next steps, when to hand in your keys and your responsibilities before you leave.

What do I need to do before I leave?

  • Ensure that your home is in good condition. This includes your property/garden/outhouses being clean and tidy and free from damage.
  • Ensure that your rent account is up-to-date.
  • Remove all belongings and rubbish from the property/garden. You will be recharged if items are left behind and we have to dispose of them.
  • Arrange with your Post Office to have your mail redirected.
  • You must inform the Revenues Section (for Housing Benefits and Council Tax) of the change in your circumstances.
  • You must inform your utility providers and provide them with the most recent meter readings. You must have paid all utility bills and not have any outstanding amounts.
  • If you have large or bulky items to dispose of before you move, Ashfield District Council may be able to help. Some items can be collected free of charge and for other items a small fee is payable. Please contact us for more details.

What do I do when I leave?

  • You must return all keys to your local Property shop.
  • Keys should be handed in before 12:00 noon on the Monday that your four week notice period expires. Your tenancy formally ends on the Sunday, the day before you hand in your keys.
  • You must double check your property to ensure no rubbish/belongings are left behind. No one should be living in your property when you hand in yours keys.

How do I end a tenancy on behalf of someone who has died?

When a tenant passes away, the tenant's next of kin can terminate the tenancy on the tenant's behalf.
A copy of the death certificate will be required to complete this request. The usual 4 weeks notice can be negotiated and the end date of the tenancy will be the following Sunday after the keys are handed in.
Payment of Housing Benefit ceases on the death of the person who was receiving it, but rent will continue to be charged to the tenant's estate, up until the keys are handed in.

The Revenues Section will be able to advise you further about benefit entitlement. We politely request that the property is handed back to the Council with all furniture and belongings removed.

Coping with a death of a relative is never easy and trying to deal with their affairs can be complicated. You should contact us as soon as possible, to avoid the accumulation of rent arrears.
If you would like more advice and information then please do not hesitate to contact the Tenancy Services team on Tel – 01623 608888. We will help you through the process.
If there is no next of kin, then we will serve a Notice to Quit on the personal representative and apply to The Public Trustee to officially end the tenancy.

What happens after I have left?

Any money you owe once you have left is called former tenant arrears. If you have former tenant arrears we contact you to ask you to make a repayment agreement to clear the debt.   Having former tenant arrears can affect your ability to get another tenancy and may give you a bad credit rating.
We do expect you to have left your property in a good condition. If it is not in a good condition, we may charge you for the cost of putting this right.