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Help to Manage your Home

Ashfield District Council provides a Tenancy Sustainment Service aimed at helping Council tenants understand what is needed to abide by their tenancy conditions and keep their homes.  
This service is designed specifically to help new tenants settle in their home and to provide support to existing tenants who are struggling to sustain their tenancy.
A Tenancy Sustainment Officer can help you to help you to:-

  • Understand your tenancy agreement and how to keep to it
  • Set up your gas, electric and water accounts  
  • Sort out your claim for Housing benefit and make sure you have all the benefits you are entitled to
  • Refer to agencies that can provide additional support.
  • Apply to charities for white goods and furniture
  • Support you with improving and maintaining the condition of your home
  • Making referrals and signposting to specialist services and support agencies (such as mental health services or Sure Start)
  • Provide advice on accessing services in your local community

The Tenancy Sustainment Officer meets with tenants to discuss their needs and to agree an action plan.
Priority to the service will be given to the following tenants:-

  • Tenants where it is their first tenancy
  • Tenants under the age of 21
  • Tenants who are at risk of eviction
  • Tenants with mental health issues
  • Older tenants
  • Tenants who are overcrowding or under occupying their property

Tenancy Sustainment Officers keep in regular touch to support tenants with any problems they have with their tenancy and support ended when everything is in place.

For more information please contact us.