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Procurement Procedure

Procurement and selling to the Council

Ashfield District Council spends around £35 million per annum on a varied range of works, services and goods.

Procurement covers all of the supplies, services and works we need to deliver our services. The Council recognises the need for effective procurement practices to acquire and deliver value for money on goods, works and services bought by us. To achieve this, we are currently developing a Sustainable Procurement Policy and Strategy (SPPS) to inform members, staff, the public and suppliers how procurement will be managed.

The rules governing how this money is spent (which are also subject to compliance with statutory requirements i.e. EU Regulations and the Public Contracts Regulations 2006)
can be found in the Council's Contract Procedure Rules

Ashfield's terms and conditions are listed below:

The Council has entered into an arrangement with Nottingham City Council to provide procurement support, whilst the strategic ownership remains with Ashfield. The aim is to improve the process which may lead to revisions in policies at a later date.

The Procurement Unit organises tender processes leading to the establishment of contracts and framework agreements for the provision of goods, services and works. Individual services section then uses these contracts on a day to day basis to place orders and make purchases.

The Council via the Procurement Unit must advertises all of its requirements over £5,000. The platforms used for advertising are:

  • Contracts Finder - https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk
  • Source Nottinghamshire - http://www.sourcenottinghamshire.co.uk
  • EastMidsTenders - https://www.eastmidstenders.org

Our current Contracts Register can be found under the Transparency Code page.

The Council has signed the Small Business Friendly Concordat and it will ensure that rules and policies are applied fairly and transparently without discrimination to businesses of irrespective of size. Where possible the Council will seek to provide opportunities and encouragement for SMEs and local suppliers. 

Details of Contracts and Tenders


The Council usually run two types of tenders - open and restricted.

Under an open tender procedure all suppliers who respond to an advertisement are supplied with tender documentation which they can return as appropriate. This approach is usually followed when purchasing standard items such as goods.

The restricted procedure can best be described as a two stage approach in which the Council invites interested suppliers to undergo a pre-qualification assessment before inviting them to tender. The restricted route is normally used for non-standard or large service requirements where it would not be economic for all parties concerned, if too large a tender field was invited to bid for the work e.g. consultancy contracts.

How to express an interest

To express an interest in a particular tender, please contact us to request a tender pack. We aim to send the pack to you within 4 working days from receiving the request for tender documentation.

The pack will typically contain the following documentation:

  • Covering letter
  • Instructions to Tenderer (contains administrative procedures, timeframes, method of tender return, evaluation criteria and contact information)
  • Tender questionnaire (requesting basic financial and technical information about your company)
  • Tender Specification (details the Council's requirements)
  • Contract conditions (details of the terms under which the Council wishes to do business.)

What happens next?

Once received and checked, the Council will evaluate the Expression of Interest; the process followed depends on whether the type of tender is open or restricted.

All suppliers will be notified in writing, whether they are successful or unsuccessful. Feedback can also be provided as requested.

Procurement Policy and Strategy

The Council is currently developing a Sustainable Procurement Policy and Strategy (SPPS) to inform members, staff, the public and suppliers how procurement will be managed.


Contact Details

If you require any information regarding the procurement process please contact:

Commercial Development Manager
Tel: 01623 457254
Mobile: 07802 760618
Email: procurement@ashfield.gov.uk