Ashfield District Council is not proposing to ban dogs from parks

Tuesday 22 January 2019 Ashfield District Council is not proposing to ban dogs from parks


The recommendation to discontinue the proposal to investigate the potential to ban all dogs on council owned football and sport pitches was agreed at Cabinet meeting. Instead, Ashfield District Council have announced the return of free ‘poo bags’.

At Full Council in October there was a motion for the Council to consider banning all dogs from Council owned football and sports pitches. The decision taken by Council at that time was for further investigation into the issue.

Following the decision at Cabinet, the Council will continue with its existing methods to help prevent and enforce against dog fouling establishing free dog waste bags in conjunction with a private sector provider. Ashfield District Council wants to encourage responsible dog owners to use our award winning parks and we are committed to providing safe and clean recreational space for all residents to enjoy.

The Council has significantly increased its Community Protection Team.  One of their priorities is enforce a Public Spaces Protection Order on our parks and open spaces.  This enables enforcement action relating to a number of types of issues including:

  • dog fouling (faeces not being picked up)
  • not carrying a suitable receptacle to pick up dog faeces
  • maximum number of dogs on a lead
  • maximum number of dogs on a lead by direction   
  • dog exclusion areas for enclosed sports areas and enclosed children’s play areas on parks. 

Cllr Helen-Ann Smith, Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council says “We never had any intention of banning dogs from our parks and open spaces.

“We looked at all possible options to prevent dog fouling on sports pitches where children play.  We recently increased the number of Community Protection Officers covering the district, and they will continue with the enforcement actions we have in place including fines for those caught not picking up after their dog.

“Campaigns will be run encouraging dog owners to pick up after their dogs and we’re currently working with a private sector provider to provide free dog bags in our parks. But we want these irresponsible dog owners to know that we are out there and we will prosecute anyone we catch.”