Highway litter droppers put lives at risk

Friday 21 July 2017 Highway litter droppers put lives at risk


Highways England is launching a new initiative in the North West after more than 40,000 sacks of litter had been collected from the highways in the region last year.

Drivers are being urged to keep their rubbish with them instead of leaving it on the roadside, putting workers lives at risk for them having to collect it.

On average there are 108 sacks collected per mile of the motorway.

There are now new signs being trialled with the message ‘workers lives are put at risk picking your litter’ to challenge drivers to think before they throw. In addition, extra litter picking patrols are being carried out to overcome the issue.


This follows Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘lazy disgusting slob’ campaign as supported by Ashfield District Council.

The campaign reminds drivers that they are not anonymous when throwing their rubbish out of the car window.

Almost a third of motorists admit to throwing rubbish out of their car window and the majority of these suggest it is because they believe they are anonymous when doing it. They are also much more likely to do it from a moving vehicle and, although they will do it in a residential area, the majority do not do it in their own neighbourhood.

The posters are displayed on major roads across Ashfield to reduce the amount of litter found on roadsides from vehicles.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: "Rubbish thrown out of cars blights our road network and creates a negative impression of our country.

"It also costs millions of pounds to clear up every year and puts clearance crews at risk as they collect hundreds of tonnes of litter from the road network.

"At Keep Britain Tidy, we are committed to testing new approaches that will change behaviour and make our country cleaner for everyone."