Search Forms Explained

LLC1  Requisitions and Certificate of Search

The LLC1 is a statutory document and reveals any planning, environmental, financial or highway restrictions (a Local Land Charge) recorded on the property.

 CON29 Enquiries of Local Authority

The CON29 form contains a list of questions compiled by the Law Society and various other agencies in consultation.

The replies provide information including any pending restrictions for the use of land, which is useful when determining the purchase of a property.

CON29 form covers enquiries including:

  • Development plans
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Road schemes
  • Outstanding notices
  • Entries in the planning register
  • Enforcement action
  • Contaminated land
  • Building control information including competent persons notifications

 CON29 O Optional Enquiries of Local Authority

The CON29 O form covers enquiries including:

  • Common land and village greens
  • Food safety notices
  • Gas pipelines
  • Environmental and pollution notices
  • Additional enquiries

Additional enquiries are those which are not covered by the above forms (i.e. the applicant's own questions). An additional fee is payable for each additional enquiry.