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Discretionary Grants Scheme relaunched

The relaunched Scheme further relaxes the eligibility criteria in respect of ‘fixed property costs’ as follows:

• Businesses with ongoing fixed property costs of 5% or more will be eligible to apply. This is now extended to cover vehicular property used for the running of businesses.

Additionally, for ALL businesses who the Panel determine meet the eligibility criteria, the minimum Discretionary Grant payment will now be £3,000.

For those businesses who have already received a discretionary grant award where the value was less than £3,000 an additional payment will automatically be made to bring the full value of the award to £3,000. You do not need to contact us to arrange this.

Please note that if you have already submitted an application you do not need to resubmit as your application will be assessed against the original and the relaunched Schemes and for eligible businesses the maximum award will be paid.

For those who have already applied by 19th July we will be in contact by email over the next two weeks to notify you whether you meet the eligibility criteria and for those who do we will request bank details to enable payment.

For those who are applying to the Discretionary Grant Scheme for the first time, applications will be processed as soon as possible after the 17th August and we will make contact with you by email by no later than 28th August to advise whether you are eligible for a grant and if so the amount, and we will request bank details to enable payment.

Please be assured that all applicants will receive an email response confirming the Grants Panel decision. It would be most appreciated if you would avoid making further contact by telephone or email as this diverts resource away from expediting grant processing.