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Parish Results 2015

Below are the latest results for the Selston Parish Council Elections which took place on 7th May.

 Underwood Ward (5 seats)  Votes  Elected
 Yvonne Annette BEATTY  Liberal Democrats  249  
 Mark Peter GIBSON  Liberal Democrats  202  
 Dawn HODGMAN  Selston Parish Independents  720  Elected
 Dawn JUSTICE  Selston Parish Independents  767  Elected
 Christopher LEWIS  Selston Parish Independents  677  Elected
 Margaret LODGE  Selston Parish Independents  724  Elected
 Rachel Elisabeth MADDEN  Liberal Democrats  177  
 James Francis O'BRIEN  Liberal Democrats  377  
 Wendy O'BRIEN  Liberal Democrats  609  
 Robert James SEARS-PICCAVEY  Selston Parish Independents  1037  Elected
 Eligible Electorate  2424    
 Votes Cast  5539    
 Valid Ballot Papers  1666    
 Rejected Papers  40    
 Voter Turnout  68.73%    
 Selston Ward     
 Sharon Louise ALVEY  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 Michael Henry BIGGS  Selston Parish Independents  n/a  Uncontested
 Diane BUTLER  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 Joshua Lee BUTLER  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 David FIDO  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 Christine Louise QUINN-WILCOX  Selston Parish Independents  n/a  Uncontested
 Beverley Gail TURNER  Selston Parish Independents  n/a  Uncontested
 Samuel Ralph WILSON  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 Jacksdale Ward     
 Margaret ASHMORE  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 Bernard BRIGGS  Selston Parish Independents  n/a  Uncontested
 Christian Richard CHAPMAN  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested
 Brian Alec JACKSON  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 Sue JACKSON  Independent  n/a  Uncontested
 David Bernard MARTIN  Selston Parish Independents  n/a  Uncontested


Below is the latest results for the Annesley and Felley Parish Council Elections which took place on 7th May. 

 Annesley Ward   Votes  Elected
 Adam Peter BRADDOW  Liberal Democrats   n/a   Uncontested
 Ann Mary COPE  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested
 Steven Colin HARE  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested
 Rachel Elisabeth MADDEN  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested
 Amanda MCDONALD  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested
 Andrew Victor MEAKIN  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested
 James Francis O'BRIEN  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested
 Tom THOMAS    n/a  Uncontested
 Heather Jane WORTLEY  Member of the Village  n/a  Uncontested
 Irene Ann WORTLEY  Member of the Village  n/a  Uncontested
 Felley Ward     
 Toll Bar Ward      
 Karen CHANNER  Liberal Democrats  n/a   Uncontested
 Wendy O'BRIEN  Liberal Democrats  n/a  Uncontested